Founded in 2007, the Future Leaders in Construction (FLiC) program is a leadership development initiative designed for both emerging leaders and established professionals who are committed to making a significant impact in their work and personal lives. Whether you are working in the field or in the office, FLiC offers a unique and enriching experience by bringing together participants from diverse backgrounds and experiences, fostering a rich environment for learning and growth.

At the heart of the FLiC program is the aim to develop a deeper understanding of oneself, which is the cornerstone of understanding and leading others effectively. Through a series of comprehensive assessments, including DISC (behavioral preferences), listening, conflict styles, and team dynamics, participants can identify their personal leadership styles. This self-awareness lays the groundwork for improving essential communication and listening skills, which are crucial for effective leadership.

FLiC was developed by Jennifer Landon, M.ED, VP of Education and Workforce Development at the Associated Builders and Contractors NH/VT. "The Future Leaders in Construction program is about more than just building skills; it's about building people,” says Landon. “Our goal is to empower both emerging and established professionals to become visionary leaders who can inspire and drive positive change in their workplaces and communities. By fostering a deep understanding of oneself and others, enhancing communication, and cultivating a positive and healthy work culture, we are shaping the future of the construction industry, one leader at a time."

Landon, along with co-facilitators Susan Losapio, PhD, and Dr. Sophia Koustas, teaches two FLiC programs, one in New Hampshire and another in Vermont. Participants attend eight full-day classes over an eight-month period, culminating in a graduation celebration in June. For more information or to join the waitlist for the 2024-2025 program, please contact Jennifer Landon,

The 2023-2024 Future Leaders in Construction graduates include the following: 

Chris Rowan - Alpine Environmental Inc.

Joel Ruiz - Alpine Environmental Inc.

Brad Rostron - ARC Mechanical Contractors, Inc

John Bisson - ARC Mechanical Contractors, Inc

Lisha Nelson - Associated Builders & Contractors NH/VT

Haley Frazier - Charters Brothers Construction, LLC

Melanie Smith - Charters Brothers Construction, LLC

Samuel J. Marcionek - Charters Brothers Construction, LLC

Rheana Anderson - Cobb Hill Construction

Kevin Hardt - Cormack Construction Management, Inc.

Nicholas DeHaas - Cormack Construction Management, Inc.

Thomas Cracolici - Cormack Construction Management, Inc.

Ben LaFlam - DEW Construction

Cameron Riley - DEW Construction

Codie Lawson - DEW Construction

Colby Luopa - DEW Construction

Devon Wells - DEW Construction

Emily Bastian - DEW Construction

Jason M. Campbell - DEW Construction

Kimberly Lawton - DEW Construction

Robert Wells - DEW Properties

Don E. Lawrence - Engelberth Construction Inc

Chris Spirito - Fulcrum Associates

Matt Ward - Fulcrum Associates

Melissa Field - Fulcrum Associates

Michael K. Mavrogeorge - Fulcrum Associates

Colin O'Connor - Granite State Glass

Patrick Elliott - Granite State Glass

Brian Clews - H.P. Cummings Construction Co.

Emily Balzano - H.P. Cummings Construction Co.

Matt Nutting - H.P. Cummings Construction Co.

Mike Yandow - H.P. Cummings Construction Co.

Zachary Denekas - H.P. Cummings Construction Co.

Allison Bryant - Metro Walls, Inc.

Taylor Prime - Metro Walls, Inc.

Seth M. Hoenes - Multi-Weld Services

Bronson Raspuzzi - North Branch Construction

Chris Ricketts - North Branch Construction

Elizabeth Marchand - NorthPoint Construction Management

Jordan Burke - Optiline Enterprises

Laurie Couture - Optiline Enterprises

Duncan Tilford - PC Construction

Joshua Menard - PC Construction

Martin Pigeon - PC Construction

Mike Steding - PC Construction

Rob Mahoney - PC Construction

Adam Hall - PROCON

Sam Washuk - PROCON

Trevor J Snow - PROCON

Patrick Curran - Turnstone Corporation

George O'Grady - VHV Company

Joe Fischer - VHV Company

Jonathan Laramie - VHV Company


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